30th PUCA - ESI Users’ Forum Japan 2019 -

November 27, 2019


09:30-09:50 Registration
09:50-10:00 Welcome & Introduction
10:00-11:00 Enabling the digital transformation with ESI Group from PLM* to PPL* and shifting the focus to the future “outcome”
ESI Group / Cristel de Rouvray, Vincent Chaillou
11:00-11:30 The evolution of digital vehicle development
HondaR&D Co., Ltd. / Eisei Higuchi
11:30-12:00 The CAE utilization current state in Mitsubishi Motors and the future prospects
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation / Hirotaka Shiozaki
12:00-13:00 (Lunch Time)


Parallel Sessions

  Kiku 3 Kiku 2 Kiku 1
Engineering Innovation & Discovery
13:00-13:30 Engineering Excellence for Future of Mobility Outlook on Future Research Project Towards Zero Physical Prototypes for High Quality Manufacturing with ESI Group Solutions and Services

ESI Group / N.Montmayeur
ESI Group / F. Khaldi
ESI Group / A. Chambard

ESI Group / M. Gremaud
13:30-14:00 Smart Modeling Platform for Hybrid TwinTM
MOR: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Key IC.IDO Themes and Product Roadmap for Assembly Cell & Line Validation
ESI Group / A.Rao ESI Group / J.L.Duval ESI Group / A.Rückert
14:00-14:30 Development automatic tool for reducing engineering time at exhaust analysis. Taking System Simulation to the Next Level – The Creation of Engineering Workflows VR technology (IC.IDO) for
"Making Ever-better Cars"

Honda R&D / H.Nakagawa ESI Group / A.Abel Toyota Motor / S.Kenichiro
14:30-15:00 Technical development of leading-edge automotive CAE with advanced supercomputer Physics Informed Artifitial Intelligence MFP development process using VR technology.

JAMA / D.Matsubara (Nissan Motor)
ENSAM / N. Hascoet
ESI Group / F. Daim

KONICA MINOLTA / S.Yanagibashi
15:00-15:15 (Coffee Break)
15:15-15:45 Engineering Innovation & Discovery Manufacturing
Latest improvement in Virtual Performance Solution for Crash, safety and Medysa applications.
Engineering Systems for intelligence Augmentation Towards performant development and production of high quality composites components with ESI PAM-COMPOSITES solution
ESI Group / J.C.Allain University of Zaragoza / E. Cueto ESI Group / D.Prono
15:45-16:15 Application example of elasto-plastic driving model to large input driving mode
MOR applied on bifurcation problem:
rupture in CRASH behavior.

Impregnation and flow analysis under roller
in double belt pross
Honda R&D / M.Yanai Volkswagen GmbH / M. Andres KIT / O.Ishida
16:15-16:45 Customized reinforced composite pipe component modulus simulation
Advanced optimization method improvements thanks to Model Order Reduction :
Application to BIW components

Development of partial bend-forming
process for CFRTP
SHINDO / H.Kasakawa GESTAMP / E. Leroy KIT / K.Nunotani
16:45-17:15 VPS (PAM-CRASH) FE Dummy Model Development - Outlook of new dummies entering regulation & NCAP Overview of Innovation and Discovery Analysis of CFRP aircraft stringer manufacturing process with PAM-FORM
Humanetics Innovatice Solutions / M.Kobayashi ESI Group and ENSAM / F.Chinesta Hiroshima TRI / H.Matsunaga
17:15-18:15 Cocktail Party 3F Fuji
18:15-20:15 Gala Buffet Dinner 4F Kiku

※Program is subject to change without notice.




November 28, 2019


Parallel Sessions

  Kiku 3 Kiku 2 Kiku 1
Engineering Engineering / Vibro Acoustics
Manufacturing / Weld & Assembly
10:00-10:30 Progress on MPDB barrier modeling: trolley, aluminum cores and plates plasticity
and rupture
VA One 2019 Release and Product News Weld Quality Assurance using SYSWELD and Car Body Distortion Engineering Simulation using Visual ASSEMBLY.
ESI Group / P.Culiere ESI Group / M.Calloni ESI Group / Y. Vincent
10:30-11:00 Analysis of FW-FRP cylinders subjected to impact axial compressive load Development of a Pass-By-Noise Simulation model in Mitsubishi Motors
Experimental and Numerical Study of Welding Deformation in Truss Structure of Steel Angles
Nihon Univ. / K.Sakata MMC / Y.Akaike Toshiba Energy Systems&Solutions / S.Tadano
11:00-11:30 Scilab & SimulationX –
Electric Motor Optimization
Proper arrangement of damping material with SEA parameter as objective function and Operational SEA model construction
A Study on Stress-Strain Behavior of Joint Surface during Resistance Spot Welding
ESI Group / Y.Debray NiAS / K.Kuroda OIT / A.Sato
11:30-12:00 Autonomous Driving for Working Vehicles by using MBD Approach
- From MBD to Hybrid Twin -
Characteristic evaluation method of porous material used as acoustic material
Modelling approach and its evaluation of welding distortion prediction with shell mesh
Gunma Univ. / Y.Shiraishi HBK / M.Kimura ESI Japan / A.Ito
12:00-13:00 (Lunch Time)
13:00-13:30 Engineering Manufacturing / Casting Manufacturing / Sheet Metal Forming
Recent progress in Airbag Solution applied to full synthesis car crash simulations using
FPM technology in VPS
Achieve high quality castings with
ESI Casting Solution ProCAST
Performing the anticipation of stamping parts production difficulties with ESI
PAM-STAMP solution

ESI Group / A. Trameçon ESI Group / L.Calba ESI Group / F. Guillon
13:30-14:00 Introduction of fabric characteristics prediction technology by weaving simulation-Application to development of compact airbag- Development of Flow & Solidification simulation model of aluminum Ingot casting Machine Discerning manufacturing for deepening of KODO Design
Asahi Kasei / Y.Aizawa Nippon Light Metal / Y.Takeda Mazda Motor / S.Yamamoto
Computer biomechanics for automobile and human-robot interaction injuries Using ESI MINESET as a Data Analytic solution for High Pressure Die Casting data Proposal of Fatigue evaluation method for Mold Tool collaboration with Press forming simulation
Nihon Univ. / T.Nishimoto ESI Japan / B.V.Mau Magna International Japan / K.Kato
14:30-15:00 Augmented Simulation with Avatar and Blender Effects of mold surface conditions on fluidity of AC4CH Aluminum alloy Fatigue analysis for tools using result of deformable tool with coupling simulation
Hongik Univ. / H.Y.Choi ITDMT / M.Ubukata Suzuki Industry / S.Suzuki
15:00-15:15 (Coffee Break)
15:15-15:45 Engineering Manufacturing / Casting Manufacturing /Sheet Metal Forming
How to improve energy consumption while keeping the same level of thermal comfort inside a cabin ESI Casting Solution ProCAST for Designers Method for the Co-Simulation of Machine and Process on the Example of Sheet Metal Forming
ESI Group / C.Marca ESI Group / L.Calba ESI Group / A.Abel
Development of pedestrian protection structure using mas-spring method Analysis of location and temperature dependences of heat transfer between lead free bronze alloy casting and metallic mold using coupled thermo-mechanical analysis
Strain localization at sheet edge in in-plane stretch bending of high strength steel sheet and its numerical analysis
Nissan Shatai / K.Suzuki AIST / Y.Motoyama Hiroshima Univ / R.Hino
16:15-16:45 Virtual Assessment of Riding Comfort
by Active Human Model
Stress Analysis of Aluminum Sand Casting
Formability of Stainless Steel Sheet
Hongik Univ. / H.Y.Choi Tajima Light Metal / H.Kurita Nippon Steel Stainless Steel / E.Ishimaru
16:45-17:15 Latest improvement in Virtual Performance Solution for implicit “non”linear and
NVH applications
Solidification Course Report
Lead time reduction according to adjusment with real tooling result of Ultra-Hightension Material

ESI Group / W.V.Hal

ESI Japan / A.Iwata
Uchida / K.Tsutsumi
Uchida / K.Fujita

※Program is subject to change without notice.