PUCA 2018-ESI Users' Forum Japan-Program

November 15, 2018


09:30-09:50 Registration
09:50-10:00 Welcome & Introduction
10:00-11:00 Disruptive digital transformation: zero tests, zero prototypes.
The adoption of Integral Virtual Prototyping enabling the transformation from niche solutions towards the Smart Factory.

ESI Group / Vincent Chaillou
11:00-11:30 Digital Engineering for Vehicle Development in Nissan
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. / Sou Natori
11:30-12:00 MBD aimed at Mazda and Application examples in vehicle electrical system development
Mazda Motor Corporation / Yasushi Hamada
12:00-12:30 Application of CAE for R&D activities in RTRI
Railway Technical Research Institute / Yasushi Ujita
12:30-13:30 Lunch Time


Parallel Sessions

  Kikuen Kikuyo Kikka
Engineering In-Service /
Initiatives toward Hybrid Twin

13:30-14:00 ESI Strategy for Engineering: achieving
‘zero real testing’ and process transformation during the Product Development phase
ESI strategy of In-Service and introduction of initiatives in Europe toward Hybrid Twin ESI Strategy for Manufacturing brings Smart Manufacturing Solutions

ESI Group / N.Montmayeur

ESI Group / J.L.Duval
ESI Japan / Y.Matsuoka
ESI Group / M. Gremaud
14:00-14:30 Decision making based on simulation
From battery cells reduced order modeling to real-time planning and system integration Effort of appearance quality improvement
for the door panel outer
Renault / E.Landel ESI Group / A.Abel Suzuki Motor / H.Hori
14:30-15:00 Introduction of VPS Thermo
-Mechanical Analysis
Advanced R&D platform project Forming Simulation of Torsion Beam Considering the Production Processes
ESI Japan / H.Matsuoka ESI Group / A.Chambard Y-Tec / N.Kakogawa
15:00-15:30 End to End Virtual Prototyping of short fiber reinforced thermoplastics from injection to crash simulation in VPS Decision making in the BIW design for crash: use of model reduction method to accelerate studies Approach to construct prediction technology of Three-Dimensional Hot Bending and Direct Quench (3DQ)
ESI Group / A.Tramecon Renault / Y.Tourbier H-One / R.Tomioka
15:30-15:45 Coffee Break
15:45-16:15 Engineering In-Service /
Initiatives toward Hybrid Twin
VPS for Lightweight Engineering –
Product News 2018

Product optimization based on full vehicle crash simulations: analysis of different model order reduction methods Investigation of SB accuracy improvement by taking die elastic deformation into account
ESI Group / J.C.Allain GESTAMP / E.Leroy Suzuki Industry / S.Suzuki
16:15-16:45 Application of CAE to
Pneumatic structures design

Parametric solution for data analytics and uncertainty propagation
Distortion Control & Quality Assurance for Welded Assemblies using ESI Welding and Assembly Predictive Simulation Solution
Teijin / T.Wakabayashi ESI Group / F.Daim ESI Group / Y.Vincent
16:45-17:15 Analysis of CFRP with VPS
-Waas failure and damage model-

PGD based parametric solutions involving
flow fronts: application to RTM

Resistance Spot Welding Simulation by using Prediction of Phase Transformation with an Optical Fiber Thermo-meter
TRI Hiroshima / H.Matsunaga ESI Japan / H.Tertrais OIT / A.Sato
17:15-17:45 1D Simulation of Occupant Restraint System and Co-Simulation with VPS Shaping the third millennium engineering: instantaneous numerical predictions, data-driven engineering & engineered smart data, machine learning for augmented intelligence, twins and FabLabs. Spot Welding Distortion Analysis for Center Pillar with Visual Assembly
ESI Japan / T.Watanabe ENSAM / F.Chinesta Bellsonica / K.Ozaki
18:00-20:00 Gala Dinner

※Program is subject to change without notice.




November 16, 2018


Parallel Sessions

  Kikuen Kikuyo Kikka
Engineering Engineering
Manufacturing / Sheet Metal Forming
10:00-10:30 Smart Modeling Platform VA One 2018 Release and Product News ESI PAM-STAMP:
product updates and ongoing projects
ESI Group / A. N. Rao ESI Group / C.Musser ESI Group / M.Vrolijk
10:30-11:00 L2 spotweld rupture model from ViF:
a new macro-level proposed approach
Action to the noise,the underwater radiation noise in the ship
Activity of body dimensions precision control technology with press-molding simulations
ESI Group / P.Culiere MES Tokki & Engineering / T.Yasada Mazda Motor / S.Komatsu
11:00-11:30 Connecting the 2 ends of the simulation chain: Manufacturing / Durability Structural experimental SEA model construction by base excitation and Structural optimization for SEA parameters
The development for the bending process of double tube type internal heat exchanger
Magna Powertrain Engineering Center Steyr /
ESI Group / W.V.Hal

NiAS / K.Kuroda

Calsonic Kansei / M.Yamamoto
11:30-12:00 Connecting the 2 ends of the simulation chain: Manufacturing / Durability (2) Ray Tracing Techniques in VA One for Interior Vehicle Speech Recognition and Exterior Noise Propagation
no English title provided
ESI Group / W.V.Hal ESI Group / M.Calloni SHI / T.Shiraishi, M.Ishizuka
12:00-13:00 Lunch Time
13:00-13:30 Engineering / Human behavior Engineering / System Modeling Manufacturing / Casting
VPS(PAM-CRASH) FE Dummy Model Development - Outlook of new dummies entering regulation & NCAP SimulationX evolving into its next generation Latest Developments in ESI’s Casting Simulation Suite ProCAST
Humanetics Innovatice Solutions Japan / M.Kobayashi
ESI Group / A.Abel

ESI Group / B.Kalkunte
13:30-14:00 Statistical and FE analysis to estimate the influential parameters in RW C2C near-side intersection crashes Study of the Maximum Tilt Angle of Broadcast Relay Car with SimulationX Ultrasonic Wave Propagation Simulation in
Cast Stainless Steels

Nissan Motor / P.Chinmoy Ikegami Tsushinki / K.Itokawa CRIEPI / M.Nagai
Examination of ASDH through developed and validated FE paediatric head model Scilab - Open Source disruption in Preliminary phases of the Design Improving crystalline structure of a casting using external fields

Doshisha Univ. / T.Mizutomi, N.Tsujiuchi

ESI Group / Y.Debray
Pacific Engineering Systems International /
14:30-15:00 Human and Hardware in the loop simulation Evaluation of vibration transmission characteristics of railway gear unit comparing 1D and 3D simulation models Added Value of Process Modelling in Development of Automotive Die Casting Parts

Hongik Univ. / H.Y.Choi

RTRI / M.Sasakura
Renault / A.Le-Nezet
ESI Group / B.Kalkunte
15:00-15:15 Coffee Break
15:15-15:45 Engineering /Virtual Seat Additive Manufacturing Manufacturing / Composite
Thermal comfort on a Ford ventilated seat ESI Additive Manufacturing
- Process simulation of laser powder bed fusion
Composite structural components in the Automotive Industry: from niche applications to mass production with the support of simulation
ESI Japan / T.Nakajima ESI Group / O.Desmaison
ESI Group / D.Prono
Virtual Seat and Interior Solutions –
Product News 2018
Simulation of Additive Manufacturing for
Micro-Lattice Structure Using SYSWELD

Advanced Parametric Simulations for
the Optimization of RTM Process

ESI Group / C.Marca
TUS / K.Ushijima,H.Oshima
ESI Japan / K.Morozumi
KIT / M.Kanesaki
ESI Japan / H.Tertrais
16:15-16:45 Foam simulation for Pour-In-Place Solidification map for microstructure control by additive manufacturing
The influence of contact definition with separation stress on bending behavior in

Tachi-S / T.Tabata Tohoku Univ. / K.Aoyagi KIT / K.Nunotani
16:45-17:15 Virtual Test Drive with VHD model ESI Additive Manufacturing – Print-Right-First-Time methodology applied to Fighter Aircraft assembly
Fabrication of GFRTP sandwich plate using in situ polymerizable PA6
Hongik Univ. / H.Y.Choi ESI Group / O.Desmaison Nihon Univ. / K.Sakata

※Program is subject to change without notice.